5th Year Tuition for Leaving Cert ’19

Leaving Cert 2019

Weekly Evening & Saturday Tuition September to May

top marksFirst Term (Leaving Cert 2019 ): 10 Weeks Tuition (Starting during the week beginning Monday, October 2nd 2017)

Second Term: consists of 14 weeks tuition from January  to May

Note: 6th Year classes start earlier, the week beginning September 18th  2017

Download timetables, Fees & booking Form by clicking on the following links:

Weekly Leaving Cert 2018 & Leaving Cert 2019 Timetable

Weekly Junior Cert 2018  Timetable

2017 to 2018 Fees  & Booking Form for Weekly Classes

Duration of classes: At Leaving Cert level, classes are 1 hour and 25 minutes in duration. At Junior Cert level, classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration. Tuition is very much  exam-orientated and detailed study and revision notes are provided to students as a back-up for classes.

5th Year Tuition available in the following Subjects: English, Irish, French, Maths, Applied Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Economics

Tutors: All our tutors are highly experienced and qualified. They have been successfully teaching students for many years. Their priority is to motivate and build confidence and ultimately help students to  improve their academic performance. Our team of teachers have established an excellent reputation at the Galway Study Centre which since the mid-1980′s has helped thousands of students achieve better examination grades.

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