Leaving Cert Irish for Adults

lostLeaving Cert 2019 Higher Level Irish

For students who need grade H4 or  above at higher level for entry into a Primary School teacher training  college

Special course for mature students every Thursday evening from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.

This course has been offered at our Centre for the past 13 years and is tailored to suit people who have not got the required grade in Irish for entry into a teaching college.  The vast majority of those who complete this course have in the past achieved at least a grade C or higher on the higher level paper.  It’s a matter of building up the confidence, getting to grips at first with the basics of the subject and staying focused throughout the year. Our tutor is enthusiastic and  highly experienced and covers the syllabus thoroughly with her students. Excellent notes are provided with every class. She is also mindful of individual weaknesses and so plenty of attention is given to everyone within the class.

Please click the following links to download booking form and course topics:

Adult Irish Leaving Cert 2019 Booking Form

Adult Irish Leaving Cert 2019 Course Topics

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