Learn to Study More Efficiently

Developing Successful Study Habits

For many students at secondary school level and even at third level considerable amounts of time are wasted because of ineffective study habits. Despite all the advice that’s available from psychologists, teachers and lecturers there is almost an obsession with the amount of hours that one should spend studying as opposed to the quality of the time spent studying. Without the experience of having undergone any big examinations, it can be difficult for younger people to appreciate the benefits of a sound structured study routine. However, it really does make a big difference if guidance in study skills is provided and followed up on a regular basis by teachers especially trained in this area.

To begin with, students need to reflect seriously on their own study methods. It is important to take time out to logically and methodically plan a study routine that will make much more use out of time available. Knowing what to study and what not to study is critical. Students need to stay focused. Essential to all of this is deciding on longer term objectives, what does one want to achieve exactly?  Where is all this study and school time going to lead to, for example career objectives?

During the coming weeks, the Galway Study Centre at Mill Street will be offering Study Skills courses on Wednesday evenings from 5.30 until 7.00 p.m.. Courses will run for 4 weeks and will cover all aspects of study skills. The Centre has been running these courses for many years and receives excellent feedback from students and parents as to their effectiveness.

Please click on the following links to download documents:

Study Skills 2018 Information Leaflet & Booking Form

Study Skills Overview L19 & L20


 To book places on the above courses, please call 091-564254